Jure Grando (CL) – Archaic Moon Mysticism LP


Black Metal

Bestowing a mastery of harsh and bleak raw black metal. Indonesian Raw Black Metal entity JURE GRANDO conspires rites of undeath in a manifestation of this tormented anomaly that emits sounds of dark witchery and voiding chaos.

A revelation of JURE GRANDO is summoned, ‘ARCHAIC MOON MYSTICISM’ will rebirth the shrouded unholy spirits that follow the path of mystic raw black metal. This dedication of evil is a manifestation of ethereal illusions and chaotic visions. This declaration of Raw Black Metal is a proclamation of impure, inhuman, and unholy sounds. This distorted and destructive assault summons eight tracks of ancient invocations, leading an alliance of treacherous drumming, tortured howls, and mystic guitar melodies. These offerings demonstrate the total worship of chaos and abhorrence, leading JURE GRANDO further into the nights veil after the entities two previously released demos. A resurrection of raw ferocity and internal evil devoid of life.

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Inferna Profundus

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