Old Castles (CL) – Sarcophagical Lament of the Night LP


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Black Metal

Reigning in an abysmal realm of chaos and destruction comes the reigniting of a familiar entity’s flame. A true symbol of devotion to Lo-fi black metal is being displayed by this entity obscured by a void of darkness. OLD CASTLES fades into the shadows with another release full of chaos and atmosphere. “Sarcophagical Lament of the Past” is the next full-length offering from this project of mysticism. Lo-fi raw black metal with depressive ambience, shrouded in atmosphere and walls of sinister dissonance. A true imprecation of indefinite evil and desolation.

Carved on rotten bones, a cruciform depression crosses in perpetual agony the malignancy of this piece of mu-sick created with rustic elements. Percussions of black sorcery adorn the grotesque entrance of a title “Sarcophagical Lament of the Past” this new sinister piece that has been perpetuated under the mark of the rune of death on the solstice of mist MMXXI, is nothing more than hymns stained with rotten blood that was put into sinister alliance of two entities. A brief sonority between funeral halls that encompass the misery and infernal Azazelic hysteriæ with the thousand daggers on the temples of madness. A diabolical act of musical sovereignty perpetrated in abandoned ruins with ancient analogous methods, capturing the black essence of glorious and primitive times in a solemn, hysterical and grotesque black metal.

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Inferna Profundus

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