Glemt (UK) – Eclipsing Through The Womb Of Twilight And Dementia LP


Black Metal

UK Black Metal act GLEMT brings forth their debut long play record entitled “Eclipsing Through The Womb Of Twilight And Dementia”. This album falls nothing short of pure audible chaos and insanity forcing the listener to become engulfed in the pure darkness of the void so they become an active participant in the rituals manifested through Glemt. Therefore this is more of a pact between the void and the forbidden, leaving no room for light or hope for all life.

This album was manifested through the will of tormented spirits that made themselves know through Magick and communication with the deceased. This, therefore, opens forth the Left-Hand Path and the bleak passageway into the utter blackness of deaths abyss past the point of no return, so that all forbidden truths are relieved.

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