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Black Metal


Black moon heavy in sky, and heavy in heart, black of night’s sky eternally draped over firmament and choked with the darkness that only emptiness can bring; lies a world of endless stone corridors and tunnels, of crypts, tombs, and gravestones. A world of perpetual night ruled only by that denizen of shadow known only as Roman Master. In the year of 2016, that nightmarish being unchained its fourth incantation from its litany of grimoires, with, sadly, only twenty five of these being let loose into the ephemeral world through medium of cassette tape damnation. Fortunately, Roman Master has sworn grand alliance in conspiracy with the iron teeth of GoatowaRex black necropolis mastery, finally bringing this hallowed incantation of true cult worship, back into the hands of acolytes upon a mastercraftsman cassette tape of morbid wonder.

Consuming the mind and matter of all those who experience its grim spellcraft, this fourth incantation would be one of grandiose excursions into those realms of dissonance acolytes of Roman Master are familiar with. Opening with a synth laden orchestral piece, one that belies the awe inspiring gothicism of ruined tower and abandoned keep, those experiencing are fooled into a sense of safety—that is, until, that same altar dagger of white noise slaughter tears this asunder. With weaponry of entropic tremolo axe melodies, cymbal heavy percussive punishments, snarling black bark howls, and a stripped down to the throat production atmosphere that takes no ritual prisoners. Female screams cut short with the strike of a rusted blade. For those seeking to become a part of the dark world Roman Master ensorcelled around itself, need flagellate themselves no longer for succor, for the time of the black moon is at the seventh eye of the skull—the grand swathe of shadow tears to shed its blessing upon us all.


Exclusive import from Goatowarex (China).

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