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Black Metal


All those moons ago, an emaciated claw rises from the tomb crypt city of the decadent death gods, let loose a great entropic rasp of necrotic dissonance—drowning the world in its enigmatic sorrow, the arch-mystery of eldritch ascension a curse upon all mortal spirits and strings. Roman Master, that raw black metal master of hissing defiance and malodorous ritual, was the name given to this being all those moons ago in the year 2012, when said entity released its debut incantation of raw black, soul gnashing howl, but only through digital means. Now, almost a decade later, the iron eyes of GoatowaRex black miracle sovereignty have searched those ashen lands, and has unearthed this masterpiece to be released, for the first time ever, upon a splendid tape of immortal discordance.

Roman Master has always cast a cryptic silhouette from the pale light of the grave moon, but upon its debut incantation, all those cold seasons ago, this aura of mysticism emits an even stronger fog of opaque shadow to ensorcell those who experience it. Cacophonous tremolo melodies are wreathed around every aspect of the incarnation, whilst leering screams of arcane terror sound out akin to necromantic air sirens, as percussive bomb raids of tomb munition propaganda wreak havoc amongst any whose heads they land upon. This mode of spiritual desecration is made all that more powerful when combined with the synth laden pieces that bridge each side of the incantation, as well as penetrating those sections steeped in ruin; allowing contrast of orchestral grandiosity and acoustic reverie, to work its fulminations that much stronger next to those pieces aforementioned. Needless to scribe, there is no mercy or peace to be found here amongst the craterous ruins of the old gods—the leering skull face of eternal decay looming from haze of mist above—but only the total prostration towards those forces of true raw black enchantment. Of acolyte flesh flayed upon racks of stone. Mortal eyes to be forever open by claws skeletal and apathetic in pestilent caress.


Exclusive import from Goatowarex (China).

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