Pénombre (CAN) – Grande Flamme LP


Black Metal

By twilight of the woodland conflagration, oaken ashes spread upon winds of jaded hearts and shattered spirit, comes that ruinous entity of dissonant decrepitude known only by fable of Pénombre, Canadian terror brought to fullest heights of the black candelight flame. Flaying the flesh of mortals since the age of 2017, this raw black cabal of emaciated sound sorcery has been busy within its sacred groves ensorcelling incantation after incarnation of sincere misery and despondent depression. Only now, however, in the grand age of 2021, does this twilight of frigid atmospherics bring its first full-length incarnation, Grande Flamme to unlife; in which, by the iron infamy of GoatoawRex brigand brutality does it finally come to acolytes upon raven of wax, black vinyl disk of destruction made flesh.

Wreathing its foul fulminations of grey vapours around trunks of ghostly trees, Grande Flamme is a dedicated storm of raw black metal, one that executes its weeping sounds through a catalyst of stripped down instrumentation. A grim march of blast beat foundations, rasping bark vocal oration, balanced production putridity, black frost tremolo melodics, and a glacial ruined keep atmosphere that seeps into the veins and makes that which was once red, black, shadows haunting the blood and leeching the strength. Those acolytes seeking that special flair of French inspired raw black dejection, need scry through the modern wreckage they call home no longer, for they have found the medieval ministrations they have been seeking. Of ghosts returned from the rotted noose of eternity.

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