Pale Mist (UK) – Through the Labyrinth and into Connectivity MC


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Black Metal


Revealed through the fog of mystic emptiness, transcending the firmament of squalid mortality and delusion, rises that entity known only by herald of Pale Mist. Wreathing its vaporous mania around the altar of the collective consciousness for more than a decade of subversion now, Pale Mist is a true raw black emission of ambient dissonance, one that has been headed by the one whispered to be Glomor, he who writhes in crypt and worm. Hence it is fitting then, that this storied entity of aged potency and eldritch poetry, should come to allegiance with the iron haze of GoatowaRex elite supremacy to bring acolytes this incantation upon terror of tape.

Through the Labyrinth and into Connectivity is a daring expression of metaphysical dissolution, one that utilises a clever configuration of audial poison to paint a stark picture of mortal man’s strings and those puppet masks he wears. Breathed to unlife across a collection of lengthy spells, this incantation is awash with cryptic compositions, ritual chants, ambient passages, clashing percussion, howling vocal oration, fascinating thematics, and an atmosphere of otherworldly essence. Take heed and hear the cry of the great collapse, wander the halls of the labyrinth and lament at the squalor of the spirit. The totality of the crackling path.


Exclusive import from Goatowarex (China).

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