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Black Metal


Rising forth from the collapsed remains of a ruined empire, flickering between the shadows of immortality, and screaming defiance from atop the shattered hubris of the false messiahs—comes a duo of deviance and destruction, one by herald of Valac, and one by herald of Crucifixion Bell. Both hail from ages only recently passed, but both, in this short amount of time, have proven the dedication of their spellcraft, and delivered the sincerity of their sadism with each incantation unchained. Here then, in this place of weeping and woe, have these two entities of raw black sorcery aligned themselves to create that which crushe heart with claws; and, in conspiracy with the iron blood of GoatowaRex night ruin infinity, does this fabled split incantation come to acolytes upon terror of tape.

Corrupted Spells of Perpetual Suffering delivers exactly as its moniker entails, a sweeping incantation of bifurcation anguish. Valac’s side is a trinity of spells all caught up in the swaggering dominance of his compositional configurations, power chord punishment, brooding breakdowns, and contrasting blast beat brutalities—feats to get the rotted blood of any acolyte rushing through wretched veins. Crucifixion Bell’s side is a two spell strike of dissonant tremolo noise melodics, eclectic percussive pulsations, and dark tomb atmospherics, ones that will haunt acolytes only after they have succumbed to possession.


Exclusive import from Goatowarex (China).

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