Old Forest (UK) – None More Black LP


Black Metal

Writhing in ancient darkness and weary of woe, None More Black is a ritualistic expression of true cult black metal misery. An ominous atmosphere of hypnotic sacrificial rites drapes itself over the entirety of this experience, one that enacts a rhythmic trance of dizzying echolalia and drifts the mind of the acolyte away into oaken lands of perpetual shadow and fearful myth madness. Eerie synth, infectious melody, relentless percussion, rasping oration, cabalistic chants and a thick bass end will provide all those seeking an orthodox black metal experience, with a fiendish twist, a spiritual journey worth the time spent upon the myriad stained altar of the perdition putrid. Depletion of beauty in wild of wolf, come ritual death, by wicked crush of iron hoof.

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