Nocturnal Prayer (CAN) – Mutilation on the Bed of Winter LP


Black Metal

Emerging into the night once more, after ‘Intercontinental Death Conspiracy,’ split LP, NOCTURNAL PRAYER brings forth a repulsive gathering of seven tracks of black cancerous sounds. ‘MUTILATION ON THE BED OF WINTER’ is a total departure from any remnants of light and purity, and serves as a ritual of absolute death and human agony. The preparation to unleash nocuous songs of peril will be laid unto the world with this piece of otherworldly possession. A devastating forthcoming of requiems that fulfill those with the desires of consuming black metal filth that conveys the remnant souls of old school black metal. It is eternally devoted to punishment, genocide, and depravity to all who exist on the mortal plane. NOCTURNAL PRAYER remains true to the exaltation of true darkness and suffering.

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