Morte Incandescente (POR) – Vala Comum LP


Black Metal

In many ways, Morte Incandescente are THE penultimate Portuguese black metal band. They’re comprised of Portugal’s oldest and most prolific scene veterans, both of whom concurrently maintain their own long-running and highly regarded central creative vehicles: Vulturius with Irae and Nocturnus Horrendus with Corpus Christii. And while the raw black metal underground that they helped foment at the dawn of the new millennium has multiplied and malformed all around them, since their formation in 2001, Morte Incandescente have maintained their own unique headspace, always making the creation different yet the same – the vision overtaking all, no matter what form it takes. Rest assured, however, that Vulturius and Nocturnus Horrendus’ vision is always one that’s ancient-minded, uncompromising, and completely untrendy.


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