Moongate (USA) – Over Thick Ice LP


Black Metal

Consisting of the entirety of this band’s output to present this two track demo is a scathing opening manifesto in metal ferocity. Each track sprawls itself out into movements that span various metal styles seamlessly. Without feeling like separate tracks the opening tracks “Seeking Our Monolith in the Night” defies tempo and characteristic limitations while creating a luminous meditative twenty minute opus. As if that wasn’t quite enough “At Last, the Moongate” closes the release by exploring these auditory realms even further and brings in other elements to round out the release in an even further hypnotic fashion. Enveloping, engaging, and slightly terrifying.

This mysterious band released this album originally on tape in 2018 and have remained silence since. They’ve been likened to Sanguine Eagle and Paysage d’Hiver, though such statements don’t do this justice. Avoid to your own detriment.

Edition of 150 on black vinyl

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