Funeral Fullmoon (CL) – Unholy Kingdom of Diabolic Emperors LP


Black Metal

Radiating a black light of sordid splendour and malignant ferocity—sworn to bulwark alliance with the immolating flames of Inferna Profundus records—does the mortuary moon rise once again, the Funeral Fullmoon bend reality to its unholy essence by unleashing a mini LP incantation, Unholy Kingdom of Diabolic Emperors, to mind possess those weak and weary. Encrusted by tomb filth production rancour, Unholy Kingdom of Diabolic Emperors is a true descent into the depths of raw black metal mania; with snarling tremolo riffs, gnawing rasp oration, stripped down percussion, and charnel rot atmospherics to rend ruin upon labyrinth soul maze. Dedicated to the ancient audial auguries of the old ones, Funeral Fullmoon have once again delivered a sacrificial offering of delicate disease and spiritual ennui, utilising a emaciated alchemical mix of dissonant devastation to preach of the Unholy Kingdom of Diabolic Emperors and the sacred tyrannies they keep. A misanthropic foray into the hearts of shadow inferno and abyssal visions of daemonic allure.

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Inferna Profundus

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