Fellmoon (NOR) – Fellmoon LP


Black Metal

Buried deep within the dark crevices of the multiverse moonscape, carnal eyes leering in reflection of azure lunar mirror temples, shimmers and shines in malfeasance of the crescent cruelty, the empyrean entity whispered only by name of Fellmoon. Brought into the void in the age of 2022, Fellmoon is the cosmosymphonic black metal masterwork of Norwegian umbramancer, Úlfr, whose hidden faces of illustrious lament orbit an infinity of celestial altars possessed by the blackest of stars. For from this roaming sorrow satellite does come its debut incantation of the same namesake, Fellmoon, for which in alliance with the arcane mysteries of record cabal Inferna Profundus Records, be brought into the ephemeral realm for mortal consumption by medium of obsidian vinyl wax forged in the fires of antilife spirit stars.

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Inferna Profundus

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