Bomber (DEU) – Das Böse Lebt LP



When this disc first saw the light of day in 1992, the album hit like a bomb. The musical comparison was too blatant in contrast to what had previously populated the sound grooves and CDs of the relevant labels, no strumming and noise, but razor-sharp guitar riffs and rock-hard drum sounds. And with a vehemence that the inclined consumer was only used to from heavy metal groups from professional studios up to this point. It’s been a long time! Anyone who wasn’t there back then is welcome to grab it today and treat themselves to these pleasant metal showers again (or for the first time?).

Due to the increasingly narrow corridor of opinion in the Federal Republic of Germany in 2019, accompanied by politically desired criminal prosecution, two songs unfortunately had to be removed compared to the original CD. The tracks “The boat is full” and “Why do you stay silent?” are NOT included on this record!

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