Warped Skull (USA) – A Feverish Recollection of Battle LP


Dungeon Synth

A Feverish Recollection of Battle is a dungeon synth incarnation that lament the dusty war annals of the luminescent lich lord. Zombie shook troopers plodding at drum beat of mid-pace march, dissonance of reverb soaking the bloodstained soil, lonely melodies of past triumphs in great fanfare, marking their path onward into the heart of the mortal realm. A truly captivating crusade of dungeon synth dirge, one stamped with the war seal of the Reclusive Goblin’s infamous talent for immersive experience, A Feverish Recollection of Battle is the perfect point of entry for all those to hear the war horn of the Warped Skull. The war of the skeleton to wage ruin for an eternity.

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