Vanagandr (CL) – Lycanthropic Black Metal LP


Black Metal

A blistering cold deliverance of lycanthropic rites to be soon unleashed…

Debut release from VANAGANDR, Chilean Raw Black Metal with member from FUNERAL FULLMOON, summons a full-length of eight tracks all devoted to the sounds of delirium and torture. Devastating hymns of afflicted souls under the pale moon that fester in agony as they serve the Black Wolf. Full of hypnotic and desolate guitars that call onto a lifeless and depressive atmosphere while being exiled further into darkness by percussive warfare that makes these compositions even more dismal and repulsive in atmosphere. Another addition to the Chilean Black Metal underground scene that has seen it’s legions delving into raw old school-inspired hatred with total mastery and undying malice.

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Inferna Profundus

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