Vaal (NLD) – Visioen van het verborgen land LP


Black Metal

With the memories of Vaal’s maniacal 2019 performance forever burnt into my psyche, I fervently seek out any and all new material that these Dutch deviants offer up. Vaal said it themselves in the write up for this new album, and I quote “While the fury of Vaal is still present, the focus has shifted towards a more melancholic and atmospheric approach.” I possibly didn’t realise just how much the focus has shifted before hearing this though, “Visioen Van Het Verborgen Land” is altogether more restrained and methodical than their past work, with more emphasis placed on brooding textures and slowly unfolding traditional BM. I appreciate that this small circle from The Netherlands operates within their own deeply transcendent sphere, and that they are light years ahead of my comprehension of BM, so I listen to “Visioen Van Het Verborgen Land” with a sense of the utmost respect, and while I perhaps would of wished for a little more rabid fury and off kilter madness similar to that which was witnessed on that frosty night inside Mayhem at Copenhagen, I can’t help but feel that there is something here, working its way beneath the surface insidiously, and something that will fall into place soon enough if I remain focused and steadfast. Much like “Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk”, “Visioen Van Het Verborgen Land” is likely to be revered long after its time and heralded as a milestone for Vaal, and Vaal should be commended for pushing themselves beyond the tried and true and exploring lands previously untouched.

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