Ründgard (CL) – Ulvmonddomānen LP


Black Metal

Ulvmonddomānen stands on a crescent sound constant linking the old world to primordial forces and transformation, clothed in the shadows of the damned ancient shrines that once served in the wheel of the mystical world. This garment is constituted beyond the nocturnal veil of the lunar forces and traditional mythology, the diabolical appearance of the sacred mirrors of the underworld and the cathartic transformation of the Being into the fiery beast, dominated by the venomous intellect and the perpetual cold of distant lands. Each of the hymns-legends has an auræs of old grimoires haunted by the sinister veil of the fullmoon whispers, wrapped by a completely different revelations and much more complex devilish orchestration than the beginnings of “Stronghold of Majestic Ruins” a refined but powerful setting that highlights the glorious reflections of the time of past hordes. Ulvmonddomānen will be the next arcane appearance of the colossal cenotaph carved under the majestic immemorial realms.

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Inferna Profundus

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