Pagan Winter (DEU) – In The Shadowlands / Night Of Chaos Demo ’97 BLUE LP


Black Metal

A cold, vicious, and rapid blast of true nineties black metal savagery. The vocals are coarse and corroded, delivered as a malevolent stream of aural violence. The music is quintessential second wave black metal delivered with precision yet reckless abandon creating an inescapable wave of hate. Pagan Winter embodies everything that makes black metal appealing and appalling. These demos are archetypal, this band infallible.

Including the one of the masterminds behind the brilliant Birkabein, Old Pagan (Machosias), this release from Saarland collects insane demos from the band’s mid to late nineties output. These demos have surely helped shape some of your favorite contemporary bands, you’d do well to heed this notice and get this before it’s too late.

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