Pa Vesh En (BLR) – Maniac Manifest LP


Black Metal

And whereas the Belarusian loner has so far explored fringe elements of DSBM, with Maniac Manifest does PA VESH EN exhibit a startling violence that opens up yet more possibilities in the band’s characteristic chasm of uncomfort. As suggested by the title itself, Maniac Manifest immediately charges forward with a far-more-Alpha surge than before; while not more conventionally “metal,” PA VESH EN here at least give diehards something halfway more headbanging. But all-consuming/all-nullifying violence is the order of the day here, as the band’s swirling sound of yore gets an uptick in energy as well as increasingly better production – still raw and bleeding, but more ably capturing the reverberating undercurrents that take on a(n undead) life of their own. Gooey-thick yet ghostly, Maniac Manifest smothers the senses into a quickly moving state of inertia-unto-oblivion; in short, PA VESH EN paralyze you no matter the tempo. Throughout, though, an aching-yet-subtle shroud of shattered melody hangs, providing a perverse disconnect from the slipstream at hand.

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