Mantiel (CL) – Obskurité CD


Black Metal

Dark and true to the spiritual hatred, comes a ritual of primitive bleakness. Harboring decrepit abolishments of purity in the sign of tragedy. In dark conspiracy between German and Chilean black metal manifests an unseen face of the plagues.

MANTIEL births new atrocities since it’s last full-length ‘Pagan Winter Battles’ released in 2020. Eight new hymns of this impure and hopeless black metal that comes from the clash of the sounds of Germany and Chile. In an absolute lifeless form, these sounds emit bleakness and ruin. This full-length “Obskurité” is a strong monolith of the Pure Raw Underground Black Metal Plague circle. Fully equipped with grim and blasphemous moments that ressurect the spirit of true evil. “Obskurité” is an ancient and eroded altar of black metal, with crude vocals and melodic guitar-work that display evocations of unholiness. These sounds are truly depressive and cast into solitude beyond life.

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