Magdala Ju-Nen (JPN) – 人外綺譚 MC


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Black Metal


A triumvirate of sacred Yōkai accursed incantations laid upon the candlelit altar, as mortal spirits of the dead pass from underneath Torii gate of the Yomi underworld into the world of the living, drawn forth by those sounds infectious doom melodies of the entity known only as the マグダラ呪念 (Magdala Ju-nen). The stairway to hell stretches ever onward for those of the dead, as grief takes what remains of their hearts, makes disfigured creatures of them all with each step down they take—as veritable pandemonium is opened up before them, the wailing cries of Izanami forever to be trapped to be their song of lament for eternity. These three tales of mythical groove ritual damnation have been taken with loving embrace from the entirety of マグダラ呪念’s library, the grim iron dedication of GoatowaRex doom prayer purification bringing the greatest of these morbid soothsayers ghostspells to acolytes, all upon the hallowed memento of sacred cassette tape blessed by the Kami themselves.

Those unfamiliar with the infectious doomspell sounds of マグダラ呪念 will be greeted with a psychedelic world of Shinto folklore and sanguine gothicism; one that is wreathed with colossal crash of power chord entrancement, ritual drum dedication medley, hazy vocal oration of lady priest fury, palpable atmospherics of Oni worship ministrations, and an ancient production of mouldering tomb ambience. Doom metal for the true Shinto occultist. A journey for those experiencing any of these three incantations is what they shall receive, one they shall undertake, whether they wish to, or not. One that has been swallowed in heavy smoke fume of kaleidoscopic incense smoke, of words spent in name of Yomi underworld, delivering onto acolytes litanies of eldritch worship—taken direct from the land of the rising sun, of crimson Nippon, and those deep shades of fantastical spirits that walk those lands to this very day.


Exclusive import from Goatowarex (China).

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