Lunar Spells (GRE) – Demise of Heaven DIGI-CD


Black Metal

Lunar Spells is a Greek Black Metal band formed in Athens in 2020, by Cryptic (guitar, vocals, synths), K.C.H (bass) and V.T (drums). Both musically and lyrically, Lunar Spells stays close to the roots of Scandinavian “old school” black metal. Lyrical subjects thus often deal with darkness, depression, misanthropy and hate. After their first EP recording Medieval Shadows from an Ancient Netherworld (2020), the line-up was augmented by Atxak on vocals, and the group recorded their debut full length album Where Silence Whispers. On the second full length album, Cryptic took over the vocals part again, while the musical and conceptual direction remained the same.

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Northern Silence

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