Kaava & Malja (FIN) – Avaran Laavan Aavikko MC


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Black Metal


Snarling forth upon a ray of dissonant emission across the sanguine dunes of an empty desert, comes that which lays with eyes open and throats torn wide, that being of brittle birth known only by herald of Kaava & Malja. At the helm of this ambient noise beast, is none other than Antti Klemi of Circle of Ouroboros infamy, who has been plying his strange sounds of an experimental essence for many years now—Kaava & Malja being the latest casting of his surreal sounds. Bringing this colossal dominion of black noise to acolytes is the iron misery of GoatowaRex enigma emaciation, taking these weird wonders of woe and delivering them to acolytes upon terror of tape.

Avaran Laavan Aavikko is a despondent excursion into the grey dust of an ashen wasteland, shades of repressed phantoms haunting pilgrims of noise at every turn of the moon, and with every bitter leer of the steel stars above. A sombre soundscape of ambient aura, meandering cymbal driven percussion, aggressive awe feedback, slow build tension terror, and a nightmarish atmosphere that one cannot awaken from. No matter how hard they wish too. Those who enjoy the flavours of the experimental, the dreary, and the ponderous will find much to taste upon the spine of tongue here—so much so that they may never want to leave those trails of dust and smoke again.


Exclusive import from Goatowarex (China).

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