Ian Stuart (UK) – No Turning Back LP


RAC / Oi!

Ian Stuart Donaldson’s first and best solo album from 1989. The “No turning back” LP was released shortly after the “After the Fire” album, and like that LP it is punkier than most of Skrewdriver’s later material. And while much of this LP is hard rock, some songs are Oi!-heavy: “Fortress Europe”, “Battle Cries” and especially “Firepower” sound like what Skrewdriver played on the “Hail the New Dawn” LP. Even the title track, despite being based on a metal riff, is less than two minutes long and has a lot of punk anger. “Campaign in the East” is one of Ian Stuart’s best hard rock compositions, not only on this album but in general.

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RAC / Oi!

The full-length from 1989 available again on LP.

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