Häxkapell (SWE)‎ – Eldhymner LP


Black Metal

‘The longest journey is the journey inwards’ – words of wisdom Oraklet lives by. Back in 2015, he was searching for a path upon which to venture inwards and quench his existential wanderlust: to reach beyond the veil and depict through sonic art what he found there. In the wake of these deliberations, Swedish black metal band Häxkapell took form.

By March 2016, Oraklet had finalised his three-song demo, “Om sanningen”. It caught the eye of Nordvis – a label run by kindred spirits also located in the far-north of Sweden. Since then, he’s been engaged in a continuous creative process working towards what ultimately became “Eldhymner”. Having brough in session musicians on drums and violin, he finalised the recordings during the spring of 2021.

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