Grigorien (DNK) – Magtens Evangelium LP


Black Metal

Named after the promethean angels that sinned against God in the Apocrypha, GRIGORIEN was originally conceived in 2006 by Spedalsk and Benedictus as a tool for uncompromising hate propaganda and a call to violence against religion and in particular the Abrahamitic three. Starting in 2007, a demo was released every three years, and then, in 2015, came a split with Danish comrades Ligfaerd. Thereafter, silence…until now.

At long last, GRIGORIEN are set to release their full-length debut, Magtens Evangelium. With a lineup that presently includes vocals by Spedalsk (who also lends his voice to Witchcult), guitars and bass by Benedictus (who also plays bass in Witchcult and Ligfaerd), and drums by Geistaz (who has the solo project GEISTAZ’IKA), GRIGORIEN hereby encompass past, present, and future with their vintage black metal ultraviolence.

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