Graveland (POL) / Commander Agares (FIN) – Awakening Of The Storms CD


Black Metal

From the polar wastes, from the lands of eternal winter, a white storm is coming, a furious north wind colder than the pale starlight, the king and queen of arctic storms,
unleashed by hateful spells. A stellar white that absorbs darkness and light.

So kneel and greet the blessed polar cold before it pierces your hearts with ice daggers! Here comes the time of cold and ice when all that is weak must die.

Sleeping for ages under snow and ice, unknown mages of unknown Gods woke up from a long, enchanted sleep. On the wings of a hateful blizzard they flew to the skies.

The lords of the polar night will now feed on the light of distant stars. When all storms are combined in one element, the king and queen will sit on their ice thrones.

So kneel down and take the cold into your heart, as the weak must die.

Under the fierce wings of the storm hid the resurrected armies, recalled from past centuries by the voice of the oldest element. Soon the lands will be taken over, and an eternal polar night will reign.

And no one will ask anymore who they were and what were their names. We will fall in ice and the eternal snow coat will cover us.

Look at this majestic snowstorm from which a white army is emerging! Summoned by unknown mages, unknown gods, by the Lords of the Polar Night!

3 new tracks from both Polish and Finnish side. GRAVELAND and COMMANDER AGARES strike with over 45 minutes or Black Metal!

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