Drowning The Light (AUS) – The Ghost of a Flea / Lurker of the Void LP


Black Metal

This EP of raw, melancholic & bloodthirsty Black Metal is based on the painting and drawing of the same name by William Blake of a Vampyric entity that appeared before him during a séance with John Varley in 1819.
The two would often gather late at night in Varley’s house, and played a game in which Varley would attempt to summon the spirit of a historical or mythological person. On the appearance of the spirit, Blake would then attempt to sketch their likeness.
According to Varley, the imagery of a Flea came to Blake during an 1819 séance.
The Flea entity told Blake that “fleas were inhabited by the souls of such men as were by nature blood thirsty to excess.”
The flea communicated to Mr. Blake; “It was first intended,” said he (the flea) “to make me as big as a bullock; but then when it was considered from my construction, so armed – and so powerful withal, that in proportion to my bulk, mischievous as I now am, that I should have been a too mighty destroyer; it was determined to make me – no bigger than I am.”
The sketch and painting of the Flea, part human, part Vampyre and part reptile have led many to believe William Blake was communing with something far more sinister…

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