Ctenizidae (USA) – .​.​.​Of Rotting Soil and Spine 10” MLP


Raw Black Metal

Aptly titled, Ctenizidae’s latest …Of Rotting Soil & Spine comprises six “songs” of vulgar dissection and red-eyed antagonism. With vocals utterly mangled into sheets of white-noise whisper and atonal riffs detuned into an eerily hummable buzz, the almost-laissez faire minimalism across this 19-minute EP almost faintly resembles “black metal,” but only after being left rotting in some outer-cosmos dungeon for many millennia. Wisely, Ctenizidae doesn’t overstay his welcome; his creations here are short, sharp, and shocked, and the listener is left stunned and bewildered, wondering how this could come from supposedly “human” hands.

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Nebular Carcoma

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