ASR199 Ebony Pendant (USA) – Ebony Pendant WINE DLP


Black Metal

The pendant swings once again. Ebony Pendant is back with the second full-length album and it’s the best material they have ever recorded. Him and his demons.
Relentless pounding blasts of black energy intertwined with corrupted acoustic hymns, and elegiac guitar leads move like quicksilver – like they have a life of their own. More epic than ever, this one-hour journey proves again that Ebony Pendant is the dark star showing the way to those who are lost in the light.

PLUM LP, Lim. 88 copies

SPECIAL EDITION 2x180g LP, 7mm spine printed on 350gsm cardstock jacket with GATEFOLD SLEEVE, special PLUM FLOOD, UV SPOT, A2 POSTER and 24 PAGES BOOKLET (30×30).

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