Agatus (GRE) – Dawn Of Martyrdom LP


Black Metal

Originally released in 1996 on the short-lived Hypervorea label – who also released pivotal debut LPs by the likes of Legion of Doom, Order of the Ebon Hand, and Zemial, which likewise included both brothers of AGATUS – Dawn of Martyrdom brimmed with fantastical heavy metal magick. Granted, its canvas was large the black metal of the times, particularly the Greek variant – hypnotic palm-muted riffing, distinctly hummable linear progressions, tasteful (and well-timed) integration of synths, a mystical atmosphere coating it all – but AGATUS’ flair for drama exploded with a sense of purpose and power across all 50 minutes of this engrossing experience. And while their two albums thereafter – 2002’s The Weaving Fates and 2016’s The Eternalist, the latter released by HELLS HEADBANGERS – saw the duo moving closer into pure heavy metal and even prog territories, Dawn of Matyrdom offers an effervescent snapshot of simpler days, of glorious times and mystery & mysticism.


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