Shadow Dungeon (BiH) – A Crypt of Mysteriis SILVER VERSION LP


Dungeon Synth

Rattling chains of immortal rust, whose echoes of spectral shackles break forth from old stone dungeons, let loose great streams of dark ambient bliss through the morbid entity known only as Shadow Dungeon; whom have been plying their dungeon synth laden sorrows for many years now from the cold embrace of the lands of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Now, for the first time in all of the grim of eternity, comes their masterpiece of medieval atmospherics—A Crypt of Mysteriis—upon the finest wax of blackest vinyl, this with sleeve emboldened by great foil of silver and foil of gold. All of this wonder is supplied to dungeoneering acolytes by the iron mystery that is GoatowaRex shadow supremacy.

A Crypt of Mysteriis delivers exactly as its title promises, providing a hazy descent into the broken stone crypts and labyrinths of a necromantic languor, gnarled root breaking forth from cold black earth, as spirits whom have long since shed their own mortal coils frolic in misery to those tunes which Shadow Dungeon emit. A lonely dual dirge of melancholy synth, whose melodies are distant and forlorn, spreading leylines of mythic essence upon altars of ancient import, haunted memories of legends long forgotten reimagined through a medium of sinister synth instrumentation. Spectacularly executed, and vivid in its vision for medieval ministrations, acolytes with any interest in those dungeon synth adventures into the lowest depths of the tomb studded earth, need scry their auguries no longer, nor melt the fat from bones to the void gods upon sable flame—for the Shadow Dungeon awaits them, hungry for those souls lost in a maze of eternal broken stone.

Silver Hotfoil version


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