Kommodus (AUS) / Burier (AUS) – Split PIC-LP


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Black Metal


High retail cost reflects the high manufacture cost of this limited picture disc and special film insert.

In dedication to the one known only as Vberkult, whose spectral frame combats the deadening curse of cancer, through the Poison and Perseverance of atomic radiation. A twin powerspell allegiance between two of Australia’s greatest black metal tyrants, the Lupine Warleader, Kommodus, and the Swamp Spirit, Burier—whose powers are used here to dedicate their sounds of terror and triumph to those who battle the war from within. Greater still is the carnal conspiracy made between that which strikes and that which soars, the immortal cult known only as GoatowaRex, and the great physical artefacts it evokes with iron hand of glory. Not only will this dual incantation of destruction be upon black wax, but also shade of red and clear translucence, finally the master of horns providing the illumination of picture disc majesty as well.

Reigning forth upon a serpentine expression of total defiance, Kommodus and Burier have concocted a snarling emission of brutal heroism. The Lupine Warleader brings his martial prowess of bombastic breakdowns, devastating power chords, galloping war tempo, and howling shrieks to the bloodstained war against cancerous tumor. In contrast and allegiance, the Swamp Spirit provides a host of rotten nightmares through expressions of hazy acoustics, blistering melodies, submerged atmospherics, and biting rasps to the sorcerous combat against chaotic disease. Here and now do these champions of dominant fury etch their symbols into pallid flesh, brand that which exudes strength and determination; of utilizing poison to create the passion of perseverance through atomic rage, muscle and mind made pure through pain, survival the only option left to those that stand against the Void—and the totality of its final caress.


Exclusive import from Goatowarex (China).

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